Swedish Relaxation
This traditional massage technique combines numerous flowing strokes with light pressure to soothe both your
tired tissues and mind, while increasing circulation and blood flow. This treatment facilitates relaxation and
30 minutes / $45        60 minutes / $80        90 minutes / $115        120 minutes / $150

Deep Tissue
Similar strokes are used as the Swedish Massage but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and
concentrated on areas of tension and pain.
30 minutes / $45        60 minutes / $80        90 minutes / $115        120 minutes / $150

If you are looking for a truly relaxing massage or would also like to more deeply address certain trouble areas,
then the Customized Massage is for you. Let your therapist combine treatments to more effectively approach
your individual needs.  Our customized massage focuses only on the part(s) of the body you want worked and
leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.
30 minutes / $45        60 minutes / $80        90 minutes / $115        120 minutes / $150

Trigger Point Therapy        
This concentrated therapy uses as much pressure as the muscle allows to treat painful "trigger points" or small
patches of tightly contracted muscle, that cause referred pain.   It can be somewhat uncomfortable as the "knot"
is worked out by the therapist.  For that
spot  that just never seems to feel better.
30 minutes / $45        60 minutes / $80        90 minutes / $115        120 minutes / $150

Heated Stone
As extensions of your therapist's hands, the hot stones deliver effective pressure and concentrated centers of
heat, melting tissues beneath. Organic essential oils combine with penetrating warmth to create a truly unique
experience that will leave a deeply healing effect on your body, mind, and soul.
75 minutes / $115        120 minutes / $175

Mother To Be  
Rejuvenation for mommy and baby!  A light, gentle touch helps relieve pre-motherhood stress and lower back
pain while improving circulation.  Allow us to assist you in adapting to and accommodating the new, dynamic life in
your body.
*After the first trimester only.
75 minute / $115        120 minute / $175
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