Looking for a sanctuary to be pampered and recharge
with or without the massage…
The Breathing Room is here for you.

Upon entering the soothing, candlelit room, you'll find a luxurious robe and warming slippers waiting for you.  
Once comfortably settled on the plush massage table, the heat is increased* and the steam machine begins to fill the air
with healing Eucalyptus aromatherapy.  To soothe your tense muscles, a warmed herbal neck wrap and eye pillow are
introduced and deep breathing instructions are given.

You are now left alone for the entire experience as you lie back, inhale the relaxing properties of the essential oils.  
Let yourself be enveloped by the soothing music and comforting repetitive sounds of flowing waves. The heat from the
table gently erases the tensions of the day along with muscle fatigue while the layers of scents and sounds transport you
to a state of complete peace and zen.

As the session ends, you will
NOURISH your body with Green Tea and Cucumber Water
60 minute / $60
The Breathing Room
Relax . Meditate . Rejuvenate the Soul
Ice Bodyworks           226 East Tremont Avenue . Charlotte . North Carolina . 28203 . 704-258-0717
hours by appointment

10am - 7pm

t / w
10am - 10pm

th / f
6am - 4pm

10am - 7pm

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