Herbal Salt Glow
Rich salt, which is gathered from The Dead Sea, is superb for the skin because it contains minerals
essential for your skin’s health. These important minerals help to improve the natural look of the skin,
as well as, help lock in and maintain optimal skin hydration.  We combine your choice of essential oils
with the Dead Sea salts to thoroughly exfoliate the skin, leaving you incredibly smooth, supple,and
*We do not recommend shaving or waxing the same day.
Full Body $135

Organic Sugar Scrub
A full body treatment utilizing a combination of gentle sugars and natural oils to create the ultimate in
relaxation. The sugar is bold enough to buff dry, rough skin and increase blood flow, while the oils are used to
moisturize and hydrate the entire body.  The outcome is glowing, smooth, younger looking skin from head to
toe.  An excellent choice before a night on the town in that little black dress.
Full Body $135

Egyptian Oil Ultimate Relaxation
Exotic, Egyptian oil rejuvenates your head and face while the neck and shoulder massage relieves
fatigue and stress-induced tension. Then a heated herbal neck wrap and eye pillow are introduced,
followed by your choice of essential oils for a massage and wrap of the hands and feet.  This
treatment leaves you relaxed and hydrated with the best quality, organic oils, emerging recharged
and fully rejuvenated.
*facial massage can be done before oil is introduced. *clothing on option
60 minute / $90        90 minute / $125
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